The Supreme Court has good reason to question the expansion of power in the executive branch. Agencies such as the Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) exercise broad authority, deciding policy questions that the constitutional Framers expected Congress to decide. As a result, presidents wield far more power than they should.

But the Court picked the wrong time and place to put the brakes on executive authority with its decision in NFIB v. Becerra, the case that involved OSHA’s rule for COVID vaccination or testing in the workplace. The Court acted unwisely—and inconsistently with past decisions.Continue Reading The Supreme Court’s Misguided COVID Vaccine Decision

Historically, different U.S Courts of Appeal have varied in their ideological cast. The 9th Circuit, which covers California and other western states, has long leaned liberal while the 5th Circuit, which covers Texas, Louisiana, and Mississippi, has leaned conservative. But changes in the U.S. Senate approval process are giving President Trump the opportunity to bring a conservative tilt to all of the Courts of Appeal.
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